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Fund Raiser Goodies - Alert Stickers
Alert Sticker

Fund Raiser Goodies - Alert Stickers

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What Is The Primary Purpose Of A Rescue Alert Sticker?
In the event of an emergency, pet rescue alert stickers let rescue personnel know what type and how many pets are inside your home.

Where Should I Place The Alert Stickers?
You can place these alert stickers right on your door or on your window, taking into consideration what will be more visible to rescuers. Since most homes have more than 1 entrance, make sure you place a decal near the two primary entrances to make sure rescue personnel (neighbors, police, fire and EMS) can see it no matter what entrance they come in from.Also, if you have a boat or an RV, we recommend placing a decal there too (only if the pet ever gets in ... that is).

How does it work?
Place the decal in a highly visible area of the window or sliding glass door. If you will be using the stickers on your door, just stick them right on! Clean the area before applying. Peal the sticker off the protection paper, and using permanent ink, write the number of pets that are inside and need to be rescued. We do NOT recommend filling out boxes for pet you DO NOT have, as it may create confusion (i.e.: If you only have dogs, leave the other boxes blank).

What's the difference between the two formats?                              PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF THE WINDOW FORMAT
The design is exactly the same for both formats.
Both are weather and sun resistant for up to 2 years. Ink fading is likely to occur over time, however the quality of the sticker remains unchanged and can as easily be removed after 800 days than after day 1. Please do not add glue or in way alternate the integrity of the sticker.
Sticks on Window is placed from the inside of the residence facing outward on glass. Can be applied to storm doors, door windows and/or windows near the front entrance - front of sticker sticks.
Sticks on Door is placed directly on doors. Designed of apartment and condo dwellers or anyone who does not have a window or glass surface near front entrance.
Both formats are easily removable and can be reapplied a few times. Back of sticker sticks.

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