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Welcome to the WagN O2 Fur Life Pet Oxygen Mask Initiative website. Our company is committed to providing pet oxygen mask kits to first responders either through direct purchase and/or through community sponsorship. 
Inspired by our quirky truffle hunting dog, Skylar, our subsidiary, K9 Harvested Truffles Creations (K9HTC), offers fun and quirky merchandise tailored for truffle hunters in the Pacific Northwest. Proceeds from royalties and this page's sticker sales go towards our Fellowship Fund, providing free pet oxygen masks to first trainers who are not budgeted to acquire this pet life saving equipment. Funds raised from Jan 1 to Sept 30 help us distribute these free kits during national fire safety month every October.

501c3 status would not allow for direct sales to departments and or members of the public wishing to sponsor their local departments. As such we remain an LLC. Whilst purchasing from us isn't tax deductible, your donation of kits to your local 501c3 departments generally is (please check with your accountant and each department to confirm their status prior to purchase).

By purchasing K9HTC products, you're not only getting fun designs but also contributing to a meaningful cause. Feel free to check our Department Database to find out if your local fire department already carries this equipment. If not, please contact them to inquire if they would be interested in adding this gear to their response protocols. You never know, the Pet's Life They Save May Be Your Own™