All sales are final.

Please inspect your cart and your order receipt to ensure all contents are included. 

If for some reason items are missing or damaged you have 5 business days from the day of delivery to file a missing/damaged claim with us. We will not accept claims filed after that time frame.
Returns are not accepted. If we made a mistake please let us know and we will send you a replacement part. If the mistake impacts a pet oxygen mask, please consider donating the wrong sized mask to your local fire department or emergency veterinarian.

Should you need to do so please use our Contact Us form.
Remember that the Training PowerPoint, Onsite Notice PDF and Sponsor Certificate are sent to you electronically at the bottom of your original online receipt.
Only 1 link per order is necessary.


All sales are final. If you are unsure about which part(s) to order please check with us BEFORE placing the order by either calling us during business hours and/or by using the online form on the Contact Us page. 

If your order is placed outside of standard business hours, the order can be cancelled IF the request is made in writing before the beginning of the next business day. Such a cancellation would incur a $20 cancellation fee. That amount will be deducted from the refunded amount.
Our business hours are Monday thru Friday from 10AM to 5PM EST (7AM-2PM PST). Our holiday schedule is posted HERE
Please only place orders when you are ready and determined to do so.  

Refused shipments Policy

If we made a mistake and we need to recall or reroute a shipment, we will do so immediately.
If we shipped the wrong item we will send the correct item. If the size mask you ordered does not fit a new order must be placed. Because of health and safety guidelines we currently will not accept exchanges.
Please inform us within 5 days of receipt in writing.

However, refusing a shipment, without our expressed written authorization, voids all shipment refunding options as restocking fees and return shipment costs are incurred without our consent. 
Additionally, the 'All Sales Are Final Policy' remains in full effect. NO product and shipment costs will be refunded.

If you have a rush on an order, please contact the office first. If the order is placed after the 1PM PST daily cut off time, the order will normally ship the next business day.
If you want to check and see if we can make an exception past that cut off time, you must contact us during normal business hours. Office hours are 10AM-5PM EST (7AM-2PM PST). Our holiday hours are posted HERE

If the shipment incurs a delay caused solely by the shipper (USPS or UPS) please keep accept the order and contact us immediately.
If there is a guaranteed delivery date that is not met by the shipper, please do NOT refuse the order without written approval.
As previously stated, that voids any chance at a partial shipment refund. Please keep the order. 
We will file a claim with the shipper. Merchandise falls under the All Sales Are Final No Refund Policy.

Policies last updated 1/1/2021