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USA Shipping Policy


All  online orders ship from our offices in Vancouver WA.
Online orders placed before 1PM PST (4PM EST) MONDAY THRU THURSDAY ship same day (unless a product is on back order status)
Orders placed after 1PM PST on Thursdays ship next business day.

If you have a rush on an order please contact the office PRIOR to placing the order to make sure we can find the most expedited solution for you.

Orders shipping to a USA address ship as follows:
Products marked with the FREE SHIPPING symbol include free ground shipping.
The determination on whether to use USPS or UPS is made on a case by case basis based on best rate available for each shipment.
That being said, kits tend to be shipped UPS Ground and smaller parts USPS Priority and/or USPS First Class with tracking.

The following two product categories do NOT include Free Ground Shipping. They do however ship with Flat Rate Shipping of $15 for all USA Destinations:
- First Responder Kit Parts 
- Manufacturer Mask Parts

If you order parts + kits, expedited shipping options will ONLY be available by contacting the office.
The maximum US ground shipping fee will be $15 using the website.

Orders shipping to Canadian Addresses ship as follows:
Canadian order Fee Schedule

CANADA Flat Rate shipping of $55 per order applies to the following products:
- First Responder Kit Parts 
- Manufacturer Mask Parts

Kits & other all inclusive priced products will remain the same as for US orders, however Canadian Orders will incur a 'Supplemental Ship Fee' to account for the extra ground shipping cost to Canada.
Supplemental Ship Fee of $55.00 USD (Price does NOT incl. Duties & Taxes)

The maximum 'Canada Supplemental Ground shipping Fee' will be $55 per order.
Expedited shipping options will ONLY be available by contacting the office PRIOR to placing the order.

Example: If you order Parts + kits, you will be charged a maximum of $55 extra per order.

We generally ship small Canada bound orders via USPS. Larger orders ship UPS Standard (unless expedited shipping is requested). 3rd party billing to Canada UPS accounts is not currently available.
You might notice that your initial USPS label now includes a Global Post Electronic Customs Service mark, adjusting the shipping address to a Los Angeles address. That simply means that the USPS first ships the parcel to a domestic USPS sorting center. The shipment is then relabeled at this sorting center before being sent it to its final, international destination. For the sake of absolute clarity, we add the final destination address on a smaller sticker to keep USPS shenanigans to a minimum. Please note that only happens to USPS shipments. UPS Standards shipments have the correct final destination address on the main label. USP standard shipments however generally incur brokerage fees on top of standard duties and taxes. We have no way of knowing ahead of time what these charges will be. It is the customer's responsibility to cover all duties, taxes and brokerage fees.

We found that this company, Shippsy may offer beneficial import pricing for some Canada regions. Please contact them directly to see if your order would benefit from their services and get a quote. We are not affiliated with that company in any way and cannot answer any questions pertaining to their pricing or policies.

It is always recommended to contact us PRIOR to placing a large or special order. What is large? +/- any order over 10 kits. 
What is a special order? Any order over 20 kits, orders that need to be settle by check or wire transfer; private label orders, rush orders, or any order that falls outside of the standard product offerings as provided on the website.

We like to know ahead of time when large amounts are needed so that we can continue to serve all our departments, sponsors and pet parents in the most expedient and reliable manner. 
A kit is made of many SKUs, however 2 main SKUs are hereby addressed: set of 3 masks with tubing is SKU# 3SET and the bag with other kit contents is SKU# O2FBAG (this SKU has several subsets)

If your needs exceed or deplete our current inventory we can make arrangements to have your order shipped without delay with the following caveat: SKU # 3SET will drop ship from the manufacturer and we will ship SKU#  O2FBAG from our offices (unless a subset is in production).
We will inform you of any delays and confirm how your order will ship. If a large order is placed without prior notification the drop ship method outlined here above may turn into our default shipping option. You will be notified by email either way. 
SKU# 3SET ships from WI. Most other SKUs ship from our office in WA. Please contact us for Private Label special orders.

ALL shipments include Value Coverage. Here is why:
When USPS/UPS loses a package, even if it's 100% their fault, failure to have a declared value on the shipment limits the shipper to a $100 maximum claim coverage with UPS and $50 with USPS. 
The frustration, headaches and resentment arising out of such instances are just not worth it to either party. Customers want what they pay for and we want you to receive what we send you as it will save pet lives. Value Coverage rates are now included on all orders valued over $100.

When a claim is filed an investigation is started by UPS. The UPS search process usually takes 8 to 10 business days. 

In all cases, please keep all original packaging, including cartons and contents, until the claim resolution process is finished. It may be necessary to make the packaging available to UPS for inspection.

Claims can be authorized or denied based on the investigation findings:
* When a claim is authorized by the shipping company, the Wag'N O2 Fur Life will reship the order at no additional cost to the customer. Address changes are authorized of course.
* When a claim is denied by the shipping company, and Wag'N O2 Fur Life is found to be at fault, we will reship the order at no additional cost to the customer. Address changes are authorized.
* When a claim is denied by the shipping company, and Wag'N O2 Fur Life is NOT found to be at fault, there is nothing Wag'N O2 Fur Life can do. No refund or at cost reship will be authorized.

If you have questions or concerns about your order please click HERE to use the contact us form. Company closings and holidays listed HERE.
The office is closed on Fridays but our Help & FAQ page can help answer frequently asked questions.
In order to be considered lost, a package must be undelivered 24 hours after the expected delivery date and time. A report cannot be made until then. Please allow additional time when a package is delayed due to adverse weather.

If for some reason items are missing or damaged you have 5 business days from the day of delivery to file a missing/damaged claim with us. We will not accept claims filed after that time frame. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE ORDERS IF YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE OR ABLE TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE SAFE DELIVERY OF SUCH ITEMS OR CONTACT US WHEN PLACING THE ORDER TO REQUEST A SPECIFIC SHIPMENT DATE HOLD.

To file a claim for an order that shipped using USPS please contact us immediately. 

We do NOT require signature upon delivery for standard Ground shipments, however please note that the actual delivery of your box(es) at the address provided is ultimately at the discretion of the driver. Please make sure to select a shipping address where a UPS driver can safely leave the package. By 'safely' we mean an area protected from the environment (rain, wind, frost, etc) and preferably where someone can accept it during normal business hours. This is especially important if you select to have your shipment delivered to a volunteer department that is not manned 24/7. UPS drivers will make 3 attempted deliveries (generally on consecutive days). If no one can accept the shipment AND/OR if no one takes action before the 3rd attempted delivery - using the instructions left on the Missed Delivery Notice, the shipment will be automatically shipped back to the shipper (Wag'N O2 Fur Life). 
 UPS Recipients have a few options upon receipt of such notification: 
- Will Call: Hold the shipment for pickup
- Deliver to Another Address: Reroute the shipment to a new address
- Reschedule Delivery: Hold the shipment for delivery on a future date
- Return to Sender: Return the shipment to the shipper
A fee is assessed for all types of delivery change requests except for 'Will Call' and 'Return to Sender'. Please contact UPS directly  at 1-800-742-5877 or through UPS.com to make those changes.
If the recipient does not make a decision within the allotted time frame, the Shipping Company will make that decision on their behalf, namely send back to shipper. From the moment the shipment is marked for 'return to shipper', there is absolutely nothing we can do to prevent, circumvent, abort or change it.  As frustrating as it may sound please understand that the decision to leave packages unattended in unsafe areas (based on their loss/theft claim experience) and exposed to the elements incurs liability and additional headaches should something be lost, stolen or damaged as a result of their decision. Please note that some drivers assume that shipments to fire and police are especially valuable and air on the side of safety by not leaving it unattended. 
Recommendations to our Customers: We ship where you tell us to. Please do NOT assume that the driver will know what to do (drivers get sick and get leave time). Before selecting any shipping address, but especially if shipping to a volunteer department, make sure that the department knows the shipment is coming, that the shipping location has a safe delivery area but more so, that it has someone who can accept said shipment. You are more than welcome to add shipping details to your order such as leave on porch; leave on back porch; ask neighbor apt 123/Mr Smith to sign for it (lets not get too creative as doing so will reduce likelihood of compliance especially if it can be considered a completely different delivery address). You may do so in the comment box on the billing page upon checkout. 
If and when you do get the Missed Delivery Notice from the shipping company, please contact them immediately if you do not think you will be available around the same time the following days.
In the event the worst case scenario happens and the shipment is sent back to us we will contact you immediately. The only options is to:
- Provide us with an alternate shipping address. We will email you a link with instructions to pay for the new shipping charge. Once payment is received we will ship to that new address and email you a confirmation tracking #. Customer will be charged a $10 fee for each order returned and $0.75 for each sku line of product (Each Wag'N O2 Fur Life Kit includes 2 lines of SKUs)

If your order was shipped using USPS Priority Mail please follow USPS Redelivery instructions by clicking here

Orders are expected to ship the same day if received by 1:00PM PST. Transit times are calculated as Monday through Thursday and do NOT include: the day the order is placed, the day the order ships, Saturday, Sunday or federal holidays. Orders placed after 1:00PM PST Thursdays ship next business day. The same applies to special orders placed through our main office.  Larger orders may take more time to process. 

If you have a rush or need the order by a certain date, please contact the office before placing the order to discuss your requirements and the best way for us to meet them. 
When an order is successfully placed you will see a confirmation page on your screen AND you will receive a confirmation email. 

If you do NOT receive a 'New Order' confirmation email within 1 hour after after placing your order online, please send us an email to [email protected] to confirm that the order was successfully placed and received. 
Sometimes a typo in the order email may just mean that the confirmation email was sent and bounced due to said typo. We will need to know when you placed the order and under what name and email to confirm.

In some cases you may receive a 'Your Order is Processing' email to confirm that your order has been acknowledged and that we are working on putting your order together. However, now that we no longer use a warehouse, your order is most likely going to be addressed as New or Shipped and use this Processing status during holidays or while awaiting further information from you. If the latter is the case you will hear from us in writing or by phone. Our holidays are posted HERE

The last email you will receive is the 'Order Shipped' email. These emails are generally dispatched when the label is created and will include your tracking number.

If a product on your order is on back order status, the entire order will be assigned the 'Hold' status and an email outlining that status will be sent. This generally happens when multiple large orders come in and overwhelm our current stock. 


Product status is marked on the product page. If you order an item marked as on Back Order the product is expected to ship within 7 business days. If we expect further delays a notice to that effect with expected shipping date will be posted at the top of the product description.
Your order will be tagged as ON HOLD and  a notification email will be sent via the email used on the order.  If we expect the restocking process to take any longer, we will add a comment showing that incoming stock date on the product page. If you notice a 'Back Order' status on a product page or in your cart please contact us only if you have a rush.

Priority Mail are assigned a USPS Delivery Confirmation number. Once your order ships, you will receive a Petoxygenmasks.org notification with your order content details and the USPS Delivery Confirmation Number.
Click HERE and enter your label number here to see the status of your item.

* You may have to wait until the next business day to start noticing activity on your shipment label.

Once your order ships, you will receive a PetOxygenMasks.org notification with your order content details and the tracking number. You can track your order using the link provided on your email and/or by visiting the UPS Tracking Page

The map here below shows business days in transit via UPS Ground Service from our shipping location in WA.

Effective April 5th 2021, expedited shipping will only be available upon request through our office.
UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Next Day Air® Early A.M.®, UPS 2nd Day Air® and UPS 3 Day Select®:
Rush delivery orders ship the same day if received by 1:00PM PST. Transit times are calculated as Monday through Thursday and do NOT include: the day the order is placed, the day the order ships, Saturday, Sunday or federal holidays. Orders placed after 12:00PM Thursdays ship next business day. UPS guarantees transit times for rush shipping methods except in cases of acts of God, weather related closures/delays, UPS facility emergencies or incorrect shipping addresses.

The map here below shows business days in transit via UPS Ground
Service from our shipping location in WA.

* UPS may update this information at its own discretion at any time.

The Table here below shows UPS Delivery Commitments for all   Rush Delivery Service.

Place your order




Next Day Air®

Tuesday before or by or end of day


Next Day Air® Early A.M.®

Tuesday (8:00AM – 10AM)


2nd Day Air®



3 Day Select®



Next Day Air®

Wednesday before or by or end of day


Next Day Air® Early A.M.®

Wednesday (8:00AM – 10AM)


2nd Day Air®



3 Day Select®



Next Day Air®

Thursday before or by or end of day


Next Day Air® Early A.M.®

Thursday (8:00AM – 10AM)


2nd Day Air®



3 Day Select®



Next Day Air®

Friday before or by or end of day


Next Day Air® Early A.M.®

Friday (8:00AM – 10AM)


2nd Day Air®



3 Day Select®


Orders placed after 1 PM PST Thursdays generally ship next business day.
(*Varies by zip code - some locations in AK and HI require additional transit time)

Place your order 
MondayNext Day Air®Wednesday before or by or end of day
 Next Day Air® Early A.M.®Wednesday (8:00AM – 10AM)
 2nd Day Air®Thursday
 3 Day Select®Friday
TuesdayNext Day Air®Thursday before or by or end of day
 Next Day Air® Early A.M.®Thursday (8:00AM – 10AM)
 2nd Day Air®Friday
 3 Day Select®Monday
WednesdayNext Day Air®Friday before or by or end of day
 Next Day Air® Early A.M.®Friday (8:00AM – 10AM)
 2nd Day Air®Monday
 3 Day Select®Tuesday
ThursdayNext Day Air®Monday before or by or end of day
 Next Day Air® Early A.M.®Monday (8:00AM – 10AM)
 2nd Day Air®Tuesday
 3 Day Select®Wednesday
FridayShips Next business day

Saturday delivery is ONLY available when using UPS. Carrier restrictions apply as not all zip codes are eligible for Saturday Delivery. Please click the form on our contact us page Monday through Thursday between 7AM and 2:00PM PST to schedule your Saturday delivery. When you do contact us please let us know if you wish to waive signature upon delivery as standard Saturday deliveries require a signature.

If we made a mistake and we need to recall or reroute a shipment, we will do so immediately.
If we shipped the wrong item we will send you a return label once the order arrives at your location.
Please inform us immediately in writing.

However, refusing a shipment, without our expressed written authorization, voids all shipment refunding options as return shipment costs are incurred without our consent. 
Additionally, the 'All Sales Are Final Policy' remains in full effect. NO product and/or shipment costs will be refunded.

If you have a rush on an order, please contact the office BEFORE placing the order. If the order is placed after the 1PM PST daily cut off time, the order will ship the next business day.
If you want to check and see if our office can ship your order past that cut off time, you MUST contact us during normal business hours in writing or by phone BEFORE placing the order. After hours voicemails will be checked on the next business day.
Please note that special requests and arrangements can be made during business hours through our office. Office hours are 10AM-5PM EST (7AM-2PM PST). Our holiday hours are posted HERE

If the shipment incurs a delay caused solely by the shipper (FedEx, USPS or UPS) please keep accept the order and contact us immediately.
If there is a guaranteed delivery date that is not met by the shipper, please do NOT refuse the order without written approval.
As previously stated, that voids any chance at a partial shipment refund. Please keep the order. 
We will file a claim with the shipper. Again, all merchandise falls under the All Sales Are Final No Refund Policy.

Once an order has been fulfilled by the Company, customers are responsible for all shipping charges incurred. If you refused, changed or cancelled your order while it is in transit, you are responsible and will be charged outgoing and return shipping charges unless otherwise stated in writing by Ines, our company President.

We replenish according to inventory levels. Sometimes large orders are placed without warning through the site resulting in sudden inventory depletion. When that is the case, we make a note on the product page showing when new inventory is expected to come in. 
If the order was processed using ground shipping methods the order will ship on that new date. If the order came in with an expedited shipping method we will make every effort to ship it from our main office. On orders over $500 we can have the order dropped shipped in 2 parts upon written request. 

Our office does NOT accept pickups from private freight companies. 
The pet oxygen mask manufacturer does accept freight pick ups however all such orders need to be prepaid in full via wire transfer before pick up BOL is approved. 

If you have an account with UPS and/or FedEx we can use your account for orders over $500. Restrictions apply.
To learn more about our 3rd party shipping policy and view updated pricing please click HERE

Please click HERE to learn more about our International ordering and shipping policy.

Every year shippers increases their rates. The next increases are expected as follows:
USPS rate increases will take effect on January 24, 2021.
UPS rate increases are posted HERE as they seem to be more scattered throughout the year

Page last updated: May 18, 2023